As name of sauce comes to our mind, our mouth starts watering. With this we can understand and feel the importance of sauce as essence of food. It has been part of our food for long time. Earlier, before the invention of sophisticated machines, manual process was used to prepare sauce. But with the time many more advanced equipments have been invented which enable us to accomplish difficult and difficult work with ease and efficiency. Food processing industry has not left behind in taking advantages of science and technology. Consequently there has been revolution in food processing industry.

Cindy’s Family Of House was established by a family whose all members have kin interest in cooking and creating new recipe. This is the result of their interest that Cindy’s Family Of House has come up with some of mouthwatering and healthy foods. Hot dog toppings is one of our best quality sauces which are served with different kinds of foods. But hot dog toppings necessarily goes with hot dog as to cover it with more delicious garnish. As we are known for quality products and to maintain this hard earned status we have adopted an ethical processing method which consists of pure, fresh and nutritious ingredients, high result giving equipments, and a team of skilled professionals having vast experience in food industry.

Thus, with the help of these all facilities available with us, we produce a number of sauces. One of them is spicy sauce made of several ingredients which add to spiciness of sauce. It aims to make your mood spicy in case you are feeling heaviness and want something light but spicy to change your mood. Spicy sauce which main ingredient is chilli along with some other spices which add to the wealth of taste. It is so tasty that can served with anything like noodles, rice, spaghetti and so on.